GEZE EZE BIM – it’s simple, quick and easy!

A new future-looking way of working.  BIM – Business Information Modeling Technology is transforming the way that building and infrastructure is designed, constructed and operated – and it’s helping to improve decision making and performance.

Incorporated as an add-in & play software within your Autodesk REVIT model, GEZE EZE BIM uses digital online representation of physical and functional information related to your door families, resulting in a detailed specification with images and costs from the very start of your design concept.


Need changes over the lifetime of your project or the building for that matter – be it an update or a rebuild? No problem, GEZE EZE BIM offers flexible software that works like you do.


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Important downloads for your EZE BIM projects

GEZE knows that architects typically see doors, windows, facades, security and fire-safety as one of the most complex construction components. Which is why GEZE SA has created free-to-use GEZE EZE BIM add-on & play software that works the way you do, complemented by Experts who do the work for you.

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