Wireless extensions

GC 175 Wireless input module for wireless connection of manual trigger switches to the GC 171 wireless module

GC 175 Funkmodul Funkeingabemodul zur kabellosen Anbindung von Handauslösetastern an das Funkmodul GC 171
  • Wireless connection of a manual trigger switch to the GC 171 wireless module
  • Wireless connection of a potential-free contact (e.g. fire alarm system) to the GC 171 wireless module
  • Simple coupling with the GC 171 wireless module
  • Low servicing costs due to long battery life of five years
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Application Areas

  • Installation in listed buildings without structural changes (cable routing)
  • Retrofitting or extension of existing systems

Technical data

GC 175
Dimensions 52 x 52 x 32 mm
Ambient temperature -5 °C - 50 °C
Visual status display Yes
Supply voltage 3 V DC
IP rating IP20
Material Plastic
Type of installation Surface-mounted, Flush-mounted installation
Area of application Inside

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