TSA 395 Multi

TSA 395 Multi Automatic double leaf revolving door system with integrated sliding door

TSA 395 Multi Automatische Karusselltüren bieten hohen Begehkomfort bei hohen Begehfrequenzen. In perfektem Design und elegant, sind sie die erste Visitenkarte im Foyer Ihres Gebäudes. Mit verschiedenen Betriebsarten und Einstellungen können sie von jedem genutzt werden.
  • Variable use of the door system as revolving or sliding door
  • Extensive additional equipment and surfaces
  • Robust and proven drive technology
  • Fast commissioning thanks to pre-cabled and configured sensors
  • Certification in accordance with EN 16005 (pending)
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Application Areas

  • Double leaf door systems
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Representative building entrances with large incidence of light
  • Façades with slim mullion-transom constructions
  • Diameters from 3600 up to 5400 mm possible

Technical data

TSA 395 Multi
Fully automatic operation Yes
Inner diameter (min.) 3540 mm
Inner diameter (max.) 5340 mm
Clear passage height 2500 mm
Canopy height (min.) 500 mm
Side elements version 8 mm LSG
Version of roof structure optical sheet metal covering, waterproof roof with waterspout
Illumination with roof variant, according to customer wishes
Floor covering Entrance mat, Entrance mat according to customer wishes
Hot-air curtain system hot water air curtain, Electric air curtain, installed on top of the suspended ceiling construction
Floor ring Yes
Disabled person's button Yes


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