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GEZE ActiveStop: New door damper proves itself in practice

Quietly closing doors, accessible convenience: the ‘BEHANDELBAR 3.0’ physiotherapy practice in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart is capitalising on the new GEZE ActiveStop door damper. The intelligent Soft Close system ensures controlled opening and closing of internal swing doors.

Invisibly integrated door brakes for treatment rooms

Close-up of door leaf with Soft-Close door closer. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

GEZE ActiveStop: integrated virtually invisibly into the door leaf © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Draw-in dampers on drawers and sliding doors make everyday life easier in many ways. GEZE now offers this convenience for interior doors as well; with the new System ActiveStop door closer, doors close almost silently, and stay closed without a latch lock.

"Patients are always surprised when they first see the GEZE ActiveStop in action," explains Jule Kain, Managing Director of the physiotherapy practice. At the beginning of April 2016, she opened a branch of her practice in Sindelfingen in Stuttgart, specialising in pelvic floor and sports physiotherapy, amongst other things.

On the recommendation of her interior fitter, Jule Kain has chosen to install the new GEZE ActiveStop door dampers on the doors of the four treatment rooms. The door damper, which is only 28 mm wide, can be integrated almost invisibly into any standard door leaf, with few milling gears. The functionality and new ease of access for the physiotherapy practice have already gained much appreciation in a short space of time.

I'm happy to avoid ugly floor-mounted door stoppers - and the door slamming loudly when someone passes through is no longer an issue either, thanks to the ActiveStop door damper.

Jule Kain, BEHANDELBAR 3.0 managing director

Accessibility for frequently-used interior doors

Room doors at the BEHANDELBAR 3.0 physiotherapy practice. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

Soft-close door closer - more convenience in the daily life of the practice

As in any practice, hygiene is crucial for BEHANDELBAR 3.0. "We sometimes work with massage oil. In the past, we occasionally needed to go through the awkward process of pressing the door handle with our elbows," says Jule Kain.

Thanks to GEZE ActiveStop, this is now a thing of the past: it doesn’t matter whether you give the door a small or a vigorous push – the system opens it safely and independently, right up to the stopping position which can be individually adjusted to anywhere between 60 to 140 degrees. "Of course, that's a big advantage if you don't have your hands free," says Jule Kain.

The entire practice team grew used to the advantages of the GEZE ActiveStop very quickly. I’d love to have the door dampers in all doors around me right now!

Jule Kain, BEHANDELBAR 3.0 managing director

Smart door dampers protect walls, furnishings – nerves!

Access to the treatment room with door open: The door brakes safely keep the door open in the preset position. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

The door brakes safely keep the door open in the preset position.

It is not just patients and practice staff who benefit from the GEZE ActiveStop - so do the walls and equipment. GEZE ActiveStop brakes the door at the right time and keeps it open safely in the required position. This also prevents damage to walls and furniture in the vicinity of the door, making door stopper redundant. Thanks to active damping, the door closes slowly and quietly from about 25 degrees and prevents noisy slams as well as damage to the door, and injuries. The interior door opens easily with the new GEZE solution, and also closes securely - and all without a lock latch. The doors have 'free movement' at an angle between 25 and 60 degrees - an aspect which, according to Jule Kain, always causes patients to have an ‘aha’ moment.

GEZE ActiveStop – advantages at a glance

  • Door brake: Door is securely held in the preset position
  • Soft Close technology: The door closes slowly and quietly from around 25 degrees
  • No lock latch: Door can be pushed open and pulled to with just a light touch
  • Improved user convenience: No more loud door slamming
  • Innovative design: Integrates quickly and easily into the door leaf

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