GEZE - Econodrive EL Istanbul Racing Circuit, Türkei
Econodrive EL
GEZE - Türschließer Istanbul Racing Circuit, Türkei
Econodrive EL

GEZE on Formula 1 racing circuit

Architecture office: Hermann Tilke, Aachen

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul the circuit covers over 2.2 million square meters. The Track is about 5 km long with an average width of 14 - 21.5 m, excluding Runoff Areas. The start-finish straight is 655.5 m in length. The Track runs over 4 level sections with rising and descending grades. The circuit has already hosted FIA GP, FIA GP2, and DTM races.

GEZE supported this ambitious project with door closers TS 5000 and the automatic sliding door drive Econodrive.

In addition, the facility consists of 2.3 km of inner service roads and emergency lanes. There are 4 under-passes and 3 pedestrian over passes linking the general admission areas and temporary grand stands with the parking areas plus the media tunnel. The main Grand Stand has a seating capacity of 26,250 spectators. The temporary grand stands and general admission areas provide a total capacity for more than 130,000 spectators with the main grand stand. The paddock buildings are two level structures. The ground floor sections are for the teams and the upper floors serve as hospitality areas with additional viewing capacity of 5,000 seats. There are two VIP towers at the two ends of paddock buildings, each consisting of 7 floors to provide a floor space of 7,392 m2. The circuit and its facilities were designed by the German racetrack architect Hermann Tilke.