GEZE - EMD F-IS swing door drives, Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig
GEZE - TS 550 floor springs, Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig
TS 550
GEZE - T-Stop Drehlager bei ECE Projektmanagement
GEZE - TSA 160 NT bei Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig
TSA 160 NT
GEZE - EMD F-IS, Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig
GEZE - door closers TS 5000, Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig
TS 5000

One of the most spectacular reconstruction projects

Architects office: ECE project management

After a record construction period of only twenty-and-a-half months, one of the most spectacular reconstruction projects in Europe has been competed: On 29 March 2007, the castle arcades in Braunschweig were opened.

The construction of this shopping centre was one of the most ambitious inner city planning projects in Germany. The facade of the war-mauled and 1960 demolished late classical castle residence in Braunschweig was reconstructed by the ECE. Apart from the almost 600 originals of this historic castle, which were unearthed and painfully sighted, the remaining facade was painstakingly reconstructed by stonemasons, who had previously worked on the reconstruction of the Dresdner Frauenkirche. Thus, the facade of the former master builder Carl Theodor Ottmer was revived.

The architecturally spectacular shopping centre represents the attractive metropolis with a range of 150 specialist shops on three levels. The combination of castle facade and modern architecture is unique in Germany. Highlights of the centre include the castle hall and two light-flooded rotundas, 1,600 m of shop windows as well as attractive restaurants and boulevard cafes inside and out.

GEZE fitted one of it first Slimdrive EMD F-IS swing door drives in the castle arcades, the electro-mechanical swing door drive for double-leaf doors with only 7 cm overall height. Various door closers of the TS 5000 range and TS 550 floor springs facilitate access to the different shopping areas. TSA 160 NT (-IS) swing door drives were installed in the most important access points within the shopping mall.