GEZE - GEZE-Products im Shopping Centre, Istambul
Kanyon Shopping Centre in Istanbul
GEZE - TS 500 E floor springs, Kanyon Shopping Centre, Istanbul
TS 500 E floor springs
GEZE - Slimdrive SL, Kanyon Shopping Centre, Istanbul
Slimdrive SL
GEZE - Slimdrive SL, Kanyon Shopping Centre, Istanbul
Slimdrive SL

Living, working and shopping in a futuristic ambience

Architecture office: Jerde Partnership, Los Angeles & Tabanlıoğlu Architects, Istanbul

The Kanyon Shopping Centre is a building complex North of Istanbul, which combines shopping, living and working in an unconventional manner.

Visitors can indulge in 37,500 m² of shopping in all kinds of different outlets. The 179 apartments promise to give its inhabitants what most people seek in the suburbs: nature, tranquillity and relaxation. A 26-storey office building turns the shopping centre into a futuristic building complex. People who work here benefit from the shopping centre’s refreshing ambience.

Designed by “Jerde Partnership” architects from Los Angeles and Tabanlıoğlu Architects from Istanbul, the futuristic shopping centre captivates with its rolling curves which surround the central plaza. What makes the concept of the Kanyon Shopping Centre unique is the fact that it was designed not only as an office building or shopping centre, but as a complete feel-good oasis.

GEZE products perfectly complement this special place. The merely 7 cm high Slimdrive SL sliding door drive fits perfectly and inconspicuously into the modern facades. Thanks to the TS 500 E floor springs, which were fitted in doorways to various shops, doors can be held open through electro-magnetic force.