GEZE - Türschließer TS 5000 R-ISM bei Reiterkaserne, Stuttgart
TS 5000 R-ISM
GEZE - automatische Drehtürantrieb bei Reiterkaserne, Stuttgart
TSA 160
GEZE - elektrischer Kettenantrieb bei Reiterkaserne, Stuttgart

Building within existing structures for modern medium centre

Architects office: Business park, Stuttgart

The cavalry barracks in Stuttgart have a long history. Built over the remains of a Roman fortress at the beginning of the twentieth century, the dragoon barracks was last used by the US armed forces. From 2002, they were converted into a lively film and media centre and supplemented with residential units. Converting the cavalry barracks was a particularly difficult planning operation – the archaeological site of the Roman fortress is an important listed monument for scientific and local historical reasons and this limited the options available for the construction work. When building within an existing structure, the alterations must be carried out with the utmost care.

GEZE's products are the best for meeting just these requirements. The automatic sliding door drive Slimdrive SL, which is only 7 cm high and the electric chain drive, E 600, for windows are available in the retail trade and the proven automatic swing door drive, TSA 160, is used for barrier-free access in the catering trade. The TS 5000 R-ISM with its integrated fume switch closes interior double doors securely and reliably.