GEZE - drive TSA 160 IS for double leaf doors, VW city, Wolfsburg
TSA 160 IS
VW Wolfsburg
TSA 160 IS

A "city of cars" for Wolfsburg

Architecture office: Henn, Braunschweig

The Autostadt forms its own district in the northeast of Wolfsburg with large buildings and pavilions, bridges, lakes, headlands, hills, green space, market squares, streets and creates a lively townscape. Connected with the city, the railway station, the canal, the Volkswagen factory and the palace Wolfsburg, the Autostadt is situated in a very favourable location. The concept of the Autostadt follows no pure architectural principle, but integrates in the constructional concept of "structure and event": The structure consists of a group of large buildings like the forum and the customer centre. The event is formed by the individual appearance of the structure’s secondary buildings. This town planning replaces one of classic modern art, in that one single formula dominates the city from the buildings to the chattels.

For the passage of swing doors without any difficulties GEZE provided  the drive TSA 160 IS for double leaf doors.