New Discovery Health HQ, Sandton, Johannesburg: Boogertman + Partners

As you approach Discovery’s new head-office in the morning light, it hovers above you. The two-tone glass shroud shimmering and reflecting the movement of cars and people, seemingly bringing the form itself to life. Placed at the highest point of Africa’s economic epicenter in Sandton, the buildings fluid and almost sensual lines are enhanced by an imposing 17 metre cantilevered overhang that creates the illusion that the building is gliding mid-air.

Fresh modern design for dynamic high-performance teams  

Boogertman + Partners Architects attribute the success of the building in part to the fact that the team was able to consult with the single tenant on their needs from the start. Alasdair Forsyth, Associate Director describes the approach, ‘the exterior was informed by crafting Discovery’s new head-office from the inside out…which is only possible if you’re able to engage with the tenant to clearly understand their working needs and the businesses purpose, which is to foster health, innovation and collaboration in a flexible and fluid work space which brings Discovery’s people, teams and clients together.’ This type of rewarding collaboration and holistic project solution is a core principle of Boogertman + Partners practice.

Quality aesthetic and functional solutions
Walking in to the building you see that the eye-catching glass facade infuses the building with natural light, while ensur¬ing thermal heat control, energy efficiency and the seamless integration of street and internal areas drawing you through a focal point… automated revolving doors by GEZE.
With a door diameter of 3600 mm, the GEZE Revolving Door TSA 325 NT Servo 4-wing rotates permanently during the day to serve a constant and heavy flow of occupant and public traffic, while ensuring a high degree of insulation, and uniform climate and noise control. Ahead of shipping, the complete unit is pre-assembled and thoroughly tested at GEZE’s manufacturing facility in Germany, to reduce potential delays on the build and providing assurance of the highest quality standard*.

Faster and better outcomes  

While Paragon Interface was responsible for the interior Fit-out,  Alasdair says ‘In a key area where Boogertman + Partners worked closely with GEZE SA end-to-end, their Revit integration coupled with their face-to-face expertise helped us to go faster, and this reduced co-ordination complexity typical of projects of this scale and scope.’

With new GEZE EZE BIM, Architects can communicate with GEZE Specifiers online in near real-time, using door specifying software that works the way Architects do while GEZE Specialists do the work to produce a better-quality outcome from the very start.

Other key GEZE door-closer and ironmongery solutions

  • GEZE Construction Master Key System: Taking in to account the security aspects of the building, GEZE’s Construction Master Key System enabled Discovery to organize differentiated access rights within their organizational hierarchy and mixed-use occupancy. Additionally, once the tenant uses their keys for the first time, the Contractors temporary master key system is automatically disabled.
  • GEZE HA4371 Boxer: The door closer which is integrated in to door leaf offers an unobtrusive but highly functional aesthetic for the executive Forum Suites
  • TS430 and TS5000: Two-way traffic-flow and multiple restaurant access for the kitchens required an overhead door closing solution with opening support integrated in the guide rail, providing a high degree of access and convenience.
  • TS 5000 and T Stop: Suitable door-closers and stops were installed on the balcony areas on the upper floors, to ensure building and occupant safety in extreme wind conditions. The T Stop acts like a door stop that doesn’t interrupt walk ways, hence preventing occupants from tripping and falling at this level.
  • GEZE HA2850 Exidor Emergency Exit Hardware, double panic bolt: Exits designed with double layered exterior exit doors, fitted with certified hardware providing optimal safety at street level.

* GEZE’s TSA 325 NT is DIN 18650 approved and certified. This standard refers to the specifications for the construction, operation and security of automated systems in publicly accessed areas.