GEZE - fire and smoke protection doors, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
TSA 160
GEZE - door closers TS 5000, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
TS 5000

New building in the Stuttgart city centre

Architecture office: WWA and WMA Architects, Stuttgart/Munich

The State Bank of Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), with its new building in the centre of Stuttgart, has erected a new landmark, distinguished by the striking glass spire of the high-rise building, 70 metres high. Visible from far away, this glass tower stretches to the sky immediately next to the Main Station. An extension in the form of a concourse, the so-called “Piazetta”, creates an inviting pedestrian connection in this area. 

The partially glazed roof connects the buildings and creates a generously dimensioned urban location. The group of buildings was designed by a consortium consisting of the architects Wöhr, Mieslinger and Heugenhauser of Munich and Stuttgart, who have created here valuable jobs in ecological and economical buildings.  

Many GEZE products facilitate transit at doors in the building. Hinged doors are equipped with TSA 160 drives as well as TSA 160 F for fire and smoke protection doors as well as the TSA 160 IS for the double-leaf variants. The guide rail door closers TS 5000 and TS 5000 R with integrated smoke switch close the doors securely and reliably. The door control centres TZ 220 N assure the rescue route system.