GEZE - Drehtürantrieb bei Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart
TSA 160 F-IS

Centre of art in the heart of the city

Architecture office: Hascher, Jehle and Associates, Berlin

The objective of the museum, which is built in a prominent location was to create a public building where citizens and visitors to the city are offered a venue for communication inside and outside it. The museum and the surrounding area are an active component of the city centre and city life. This restructuring is an upgrade in town planning of this significant area of Stuttgart’s city centre. The glass cube can be seen from far away and surrounds a stone cube which is an outstanding feature and together with its surroundings forms a diverse combination.

The automatic GEZE swing door drives TSA 160 and TSA 160 IS for double action doors simplify the passage in many areas of the building as well as the approved door closers TS 5000.