GEZE - MSW Sliding wall element, Mövenpick Hotel, Stuttgart Airport
MSW Design- Sliding wall system
Slimdrive EMD
GEZE - MSW Sliding wall element, Mövenpick Hotel, Stuttgart Airport
Detail: MSW Schiebewandsystem

GEZE opens doors in new Mövenpick Airport Hotel

Architecture office: Reichel & Stauth, Braunschweig, Germany

The eight floor hotel was constructed in the short stay car park near the airport terminals based on the plans of architects Reichel & Stauth from Braunschweiger The glass facade has a distinctive rounded H-form structure and the amply glazing in red tones ensures optimal daylight throughout the hotel.

GEZE equipped this modern hotel all around with building technology. The GEZE TS 4000 fitted on every room door provides safe closing. The conference room contains several GEZE ECdrive automatic sliding door systems for a reliable and economic drive. In the public open areas, like for example the entrance area, the highly variable door closing system TS 5000 was implemented in the R-FS range. In the case of a breakout of fire the locking device is disengaged and the door locks independently. The GEZE Slimdrive EMD is the only revolving door drive with just a 7 cm overall height which is integrated almost invisibly in the heavily frequented bar area, ensuring a comfortable entrance for the personnel into the kitchen. 

The interior design of the hotel originates from the world famous designer Matteo Thun. An optical highlight in the guestrooms and corridors is the GEZE MSW Design sliding wall system with a modern design of deer antlers and forest motives. The system´s different park positions offer the hotel a flexible and transparent room layout through the mobile glass elements. The possibility for the hotel to choose its own design ensures an individual and unmistakable optic.

The hotel layout and its ambient create a sensual experience for all visitors. Thus, guaranteeing a pleasurable stay for business guests and tourists.