GEZE - curved sliding door Slimdrive SCR, Donaustauf hospital
curved sliding door Slimdrive SCR
GEZE - E 250 spindle drive, Donaustauf hospital
E 250 spindle drive
GEZE - chain drive E 660, Donaustauf hospital
chain drive E 660

GEZE fume and heat extraction systems provide

Architects office: Heberlein, Büstrich + Stiebler, Regensburg

The hospital in Donaustauf, west of Regensburg, is the leading lung treatment centre in Germany and has been there for approximately 100 years. The hospital mainly treats patients with disorders of the lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura and thorax. Now that the entrance area and the windows have been refurbished, the clinic is up to date architecturally and from the point of view of safety.

GEZE installed a curved sliding door in the building with a Slimdrive SCR drive. By using two sliding doors together, the system functions as a draught excluder. Fume and heat extraction is regulated by the E 250 spindle drive at the roof windows and by the E 660 chain drive at the side windows.