On entering Netcares Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital visitors see Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture


On entering Netcares Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital visitors see Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture, Threshold, which is suspended from the roof in the foyer. “Ultimately, the sculpture is an impactful expression of hope, the potential for recovery, and the systems of support that allow for healing to occur,” Cianfanelli explained.

The new Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa is a legacy of the South African cardiac surgeon who performed the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant. Christiaan Barnard b.1922 d. 2001.

At the recent Netcare launch Dr Richard Friedland, Chief Executive Officer, Netcare described how the buildings purpose was interpreted ‘The broader themes of compassion, care, and the importance of treating people with dignity and respect, are illustrated through graphics, quotations and exhibits throughout the hospital”

Healing legacy
Not only was Barnard committed to furthering medical science, he was also deeply committed to patient care. Fulfilling Christiaan Barnard’s intention to make a patient’s world a better place and enhance wellness. Fabian Architects translated this in to the building design with the wards affording recovering patients breathtaking views of Cape Town’s Foreshore.

Smart solutions
‘GEZE provide an aesthetically pleasing product. Slim, integrated automation which allow GEZE products to be incorporated into architectural design elements seamlessly’.

Leanne Alexander, Architect and Director BVA Architects

Cape Towns Foreshore experiences extreme South-Easter winds coming off the Atlantic Ocean.  The true impact of these furious winds and the harsh precipitation became apparent during the construction phase of the building. Deon Dorfling, GEZE Regional Manager was called in to work with WBHO to find a smart solution, one which would ensure that the Foreshore entrance sliding doors would not been blown off their tracks, while still providing the many visitors secure and automatic access. The perfect solution was to use the GEZE’s Slimdrive Automatic system. Due to its unique U – Channel rail, the system is designed to ensure that the doors can’t be bumped off the track, whilst also providing seamless aesthetics because of it’s extremely compact design of only 7cm

Internally, the focus was on hygiene and infection control, and therefore automatic hands-free solutions were critical.  To manage the high pressure and extraction systems designed to halt the hazardous transfer of gasses and chemicals used in the Theatres, the GEZE TS 4000 Tandam was installed. In the Radiology Department the heavy lead-lined doors needed the load bearing capacity of GEZE’s Appol System size 2, which carries 600 kg/m of weight.

Leanne Alexander, Architect and Director of BVA Architects who with BSMA Architects, Pierre Myburgh attended to the Fit Out said ‘The best part is that GEZE provide fantastic specification and technical support. This is due to their true understanding of their products and the healthcare requirements for safety and security throughout South Africa’.

To maintain the integrity and security of the building, GEZE used the GEZE Construction Master Key system, which ensured that when the keys for the 23 suites were handed over to the owner and they were used for the first time, the contractors temporary master key system becomes disabled.

Trusted partnership
GEZE’s relationship with Netcare and BVA Architects with BSM who specialize in Hospital projects across South Africa can be described as a one-stop trusted partnership.

A few years ago, when fire-audits became a regulatory requirement in South Africa, Markus Kotze, GEZE Consultant was pivotal in establishing GEZE as a credible supplier to the largest provider of Private Healthcare in South Africa, Netcare.  

After hosting BVA Architects at GEZE Head Quarters in Johannesburg for a day, BVA subsequently put GEZE to the test on numerous and varied projects: Gateway Hospital, Romed Medical Center,  Medstone before specifying GEZE with the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, which was completed in December 2016.

Ongoing learnings

We’re a solution driven one-stop quality ironmongery business - there isn’t a problem that GEZE can’t solve. It’s crucial that we at GEZE are committed to working closely with our client throughout the project process - it is about focusing on the Architects success’. Markus Kotze, GEZE Consultant