GEZE - SecuLogic emergency route system, Stiftskirche, Stuttgart
GEZE SecuLogic RWS

Old sparkler complexly renovated

For the past four years the Stuttgart church "Stiftskirche" was reconditioned for almost 14 million Euros. "Old and new works of art combine to make a whole one" formulated the Hamburg architect Bernhard Hirche his impressive project. With three substantial elements he embossed the new appearance of the church: a new cover, the position of the altar in the centre of the church and a new organ. During the reorganization of the church the past should not be hidden. "Just adding one time layer", was the tendency of Hirche, "the change after the war, which tells of the destruction, ought to remain visible beyond."

The new inside of the church offers a feeling of openness and ease for the visitor: The old massive cover was replaced against a filigree steel floor construction with glass sails. New windows and steel stairs with glass stages to the loft form a unit of most diverse materials and with it a continuation of the transparent history of this over 1,000 years old building.

 With consideration of safety requirements and requirements of design the escape routes were equipped by the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system and different swing door systems of the series TSA 160. The automatic aperture inside the church is operated by the almost silent chain drive E 640.