TSA 160 UFO fitted onto each draught lobby

UFO sited at Bradford City Hall

Historic Bradford City Hall is now home to a couple of UFOs. Fortunately they are state-of-the-art under floor operators from the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, rather than a close encounter!

GEZE UK was asked to provide a stylish solution for two separate entrance lobbies, which face each other, during a refurbishment of the main reception area. A TSA 160 UFO was fitted onto each draught lobby, which were made entirely of glass.

The glass lobbies were created to enhance the elegant design of City Hall, which was built in 1873, as well as allowing visitors to admire the whole reception area, unobstructed by lobby walls. The disability discrimination act (DDA) regulations require the installation of an automatic door, but the glass lobby presented a challenge, as standard automatic swing doors require solid fixings.

Not only do the new TSA 160 UFOs fit this requirement, but also as they are fitted under the floor, they do not detract from the overall design of the reception area – seamlessly merging with the remarkable environment. The UFOs are also tamper proof, easy to install and maintain and can easily operate door leaves of up to 120kg in weight.

The refurbishment follows improvements carried out in 1997 to mark Bradford City's centenary. Major development work created a new Centenary Square in front of City Hall. The area is pedestrianised with seating and a large open paved area directly in front of the main entrance.

Sales manager for GEZE Automatic Door Systems, Alan Carse, said: “We’re delighted to help Bradford City Hall solve their entrance issues by providing door closing solutions that are not only invisible to visitors, but retain the glass effect so the entrance this amazing building is functional as well as impressive.