GEZE TS 550 IS, Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driburg
GEZE TS 550 IS, Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driburg
Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driburg

Glass aesthetics in sophisticated objects

Architecture office: 3deluxe, Wiesbaden

Integrated all-glass systems (IGG) are amongst the most innovative solutions on the glass market. Where fittings systems and profiles previously compromised the aesthetics of glass elements, the GEZE IGG system creates freedom in design. 

GEZE IGG invisibly integrates the profiles and fittings system between the surface-flush glass panels to create a continuous surface – without visible or unwieldy parts on the glass surface. The high-quality surface ensures absolute transparency and optical lightness. The entire window "intelligence" is located between the panels. The printing along the edge of the glass lets the technology optically disappear behind it. Continuous facade design can be implemented without stylistic incongruity and independent of whether modular sliding wall systems, manual or automatic sliding and revolving doors, single action or double action swing doors are part of the planning. GEZE IGG can be used for all-glass facades in inside and outside areas, for fixed and flexible sliding wall systems, e.g. in conference rooms, as spatial demarcation in airport waiting areas, or as partitions in congress and event buildings, shopping centres, banks, counter halls or modern office blocks. The design possibilities are extremely versatile. GEZE's IGG fulfils the most diverse requirements: Individual design requests can be realised with screen print motifs or through the use of special glass types. GEZE's IGG fulfil even functional specifications, such as increased heat and noise protection or safety requirements. GEZE IGG solutions have all the same non restrictive advantages as the standard GEZE fitting systems. In addition, numerous adjusting options, minor maintenance expenditure and a high degree of convenience characterise the system. 

The integrated all-glass system (IGG) with the GEZE TS 550 IS floor spring door closer for double-leaf doors, realised in the Leonardo Glass Cube, the congress and event buildings opened in 2007 in Bad Driburg, Germany by the design glass article manufacturer emphasises the combination of soft, flowing structures and a clear, straight-lined shell. It contributes towards conveying the intended development of the glass brand as a lifestyle company.