GEZE -  TS 500 floor spring systems, Internationalem Congress Center, Dresden
TS 500 with IGG
GEZE - IGG glass system, Internationalem Congress Center, Dresden
TSA 160
GEZE - swing door drive, Internationalem Congress Center, Dresden
TS 500 with IGG

Meetings and residence under one roof

Architects office: Storch Ehlers Partner Architekten GbR, Hanover

The International Congress Centre in Dresden is one of the most beautiful and up-to-date buildings of this type in Europe. Situated directly on the banks of the Elbe, it is in the same class as world-famous structures such as the Semper Opera House and the Zwinger. With the curved lines of the facade the Architects, Storch Ehlers Partner from Hanover, had in mind the river in the surrounding landscape. The Erlweinspeicher wine warehouse, built in 1913, was converted into an outstanding hotel under the slogan "Meetings and residence under one roof" and is part of the Maritim chain. A high cantilever roof creates the urbanistic association of congress centre and hotel. This is an excellent continuation of the historical modern flair of the capitol of Saxony.  

GEZE furnished both properties with a diversity of products. Elegant all-glass doors with the GEZE IGG glass system and the entrance to the Maritim Hotel is embellished with inconspicuous TS 500 floor spring systems. The doors for the escape and rescue routes in the Congress Centre are operated by TSA 160 Invers swing door drives. Additional safety is provided by the Seculogic escape route system using TZ 220 KL door controllers.