GEZE SecuLogic IQ Locks - Panikschlösser für 1-flügelige Türen

Security without compromises

GEZE SecuLogic IQ locks for single leaf doors

In an emergency it is necessary to leave a building within seconds, particularly when people are in danger. However, on the other hand, sensitive areas also need to be protected from unauthorised access. Self-locking panic locks provide uncompromising safety for both people and property.

With the IQ lock range, GEZE has developed the optimum solutions for individual security and safety requirements. Not just for emergency exits, the clever lock actually thinks for itself!

Product features

IQ lock EL 

IQ lock EM

IQ lock C

IQ lock M

Motorised unlocking

Mechanically self-locking


Panic function


Cross latches (3 mm gap between

latch and deadbolt prevents jamming)

Electrical timeout function


Three operation modes
(secured by day/
permanently unlocked/night)


Outside handle, electrically engaged

Feedback contacts for lock states

Alternatively sabotage monitoring or cylinder contact