GEZE SecuLogic Gebäudetechnik-Managementsystem

GEZE security interlocking door system

Security: Reliable control at all times

The various requirements of a company or an organisation call for tailor-made solutions - either the isolation of persons in specific areas or the option to hand over sensitive material safely. The GEZE security interlocking door system allows the most diverse
of scenarios to be realised.

Product features:

  • Flexible modular system with several variation possibilities (e.g. single and double-leaf doors, manual and barrier-free escape route solutions)
  • Targeted isolation of persons
  • Reliable access contro
  • Automatic locking of doors upon closing
  • Secure escape route in case of hazards
  • Can be combined with other components (e.g. sensor mats, cameras)

The GEZE security interlocking door system combines a number of innovative GEZE products that together offer a modern system solution:

  • Slimdrive EMD F-IS with sensor slide bars:  Electromechanical drive for double-leaf swing door with integrated closing sequence control
  • Escape door locking:  Combined with TZ 320, it fulfils the dual function of access control and secure escape route
  • Door control unit TZ 320:  Controls and monitors one or more escape doors with its network function
  • Integrated all-glass system IGG:  For various indoor and outdoor applications
  • GEZE access control manager GCMU 524:  The administration takes place via a web browser without needing additional software installation
  • GEZE switch unit GCDU 200:  Acts as an interface between GCMU 524 and the access reader at the door
  • GC 152:  Smoke detector for using at hold-open systems
  • GC 200:  RFID reader for non-contact identification
  • IQ lock AUT: Self-locking panic lock for double-leaf doors