TS 550 E

GEZE Floor Spring TS 550 E

TS 550 E – Floor spring with electromechanical hold-open device

The TS 550 E floor spring can be infinitely regulated by the electromechanical hold-open device. This means that the door can be held-open for as long as required, and locked. This door closer can also be used with fire and smoke protection doors. A security valve helps prevent intentional overloading. The closer is authorised for use with renowned smoke detector systems, and is tested and certified by DIBt (the German institute for construction technology).

Product features

  • Floor spring TS 550 E for leaf widths of up to 1400 mm
  • Can be used for right and left swing doors of up to 250 kg
  • Closing force, infinitely adjustable EN 3-6
  • Infinitely adjustable hold-open device 80°-165°
  • End stop and closing speed can be adjusted
  • Authorised for use as fire and smoke protection doors
  • All settings can be made from above

Floor springs

TS 550 NV

TS 550 E

TS 550 E-G

TS 550 F-G

Closing force

3 - 6

3 - 6

3 - 6

3 - 6

Approval for fire and smoke protection doors





Door leaf width [mm]

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

Door leaf weight [kg]

≤ 300

≤ 250

≤ 250

≤ 250

Functions and Settings 

Closing force can be continuously adjusted





Back check





Latching action





Adjustable closing speed





Optical large display





Hold open poistion can be overridden

 , hydraul.

 , electr.

 , electr.


Integrated smoke switch





Freeswing function





   yes       no      optional