Service Terminal ST 220

GEZE Service Terminal ST 220

Mobile, handy and simple - the service terminal can be used to set all parameters and functions for emergency exit systems and automatic door drives.

Product features

  • Setting the components (the integrated infra-red interface communicates via the interfaces of the smoke and heat extraction components.)
    • Door control unit TZ 320
    • Clamping box KL 220
    • TE 220/TTE 220 control panel unit
  • Parameter setting and commissioning of automatic door drives via the RS485 interface (thanks to the installation of the optional service interface or service adapter ST 220 it is no longer necessary to remove/replace the drive cover for service work to be carried out).
  • Compact dimensions (W x H x D 80 x 125 x 37 mm)
  • Large, illuminated display with plain text display
  • Read-out function for maintenance and diagnostics tasks
  • Battery operated with four micro batteries
  • Protection class IP 40
  • Colour green/blue (similar to RAL 5020)