Glossary P-Z

Panic bar
A panic bar can also be used in a panic situation when a large number of people are pressed up against the door. It is actuated by the pressure exerted by the body. The bar is a horizontal pressure bar that runs across the entire door leaf.

Panic locks
In an emergency it is necessary to leave a building within seconds, particularly when people are in danger. However on the other hand, sensitive areas also need to be protected from unauthorised access. Self-locking panic locks provide uncompromising safety for both people and property. The panic function of these locks enables a locked door to be opened from the inside using the handle in the event of fire. 

Photoelectric barrier
Light barriers or photoelectric barrier functions are electronic optical systems which consist of a light or infrared source of radiation (sender) and a sensor (receiver) for this radiation. The function of a photoelectric barrier is to register via a sensor any interruption to the optical path caused by an object or person. Electrical breaker signals are produced which trigger a response (e.g. door opens). 

Presence sensor
Presence sensors for detecting persons or objects using active infrared technology. The GEZE product range includes safety sensor barriers for securing automatic swing and revolving doors, the light curtains and light barriers for securing automatic sliding doors and the active infrared sensors for controlling and securing automatic doors.

Project consulting
GEZE project consultants provide advice for planners in the field of safety, door and window technology, particularly during the planning phase and invitations to tender. You can find a consultant near you under “search contact person”. Information can also be obtained by telephone from the -->architects hotline.

Radar is the term for various detection and ranging methods and devices based on electromagnetic radio waves.
At GEZE, radar is deployed in movement detectors (e.g. Merkur). Here the movement of persons or objects within range triggers detection, as the frequencies being emitted and received are no longer balanced. 

Radio programme
With a new and innovative radio solution, GEZE has adapted their range of actuation devices. The GEZE radio programme can be used for doors, windows and smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) that may be controlled wirelessly individually, together or defined in groups. Power connection is superfluous and retrofitting can thus be implemented at any time with no difficulties at all. The GEZE radio programme is compatible with all GEZE door and window drives.

Reference objects
References are major national and international construction projects, including cultural, historical and public buildings, which impressively showcase the functionality and design of GEZE products.

Revolving door
Revolving doors are door systems with a round structure and a revolving rotor with two to four doors. The drive system is available in three versions: fully automatic, power-assisted or manual. Revolving doors offer convenience by allowing incoming and outgoing traffic to flow smoothly.
These systems are particularly suitable for buildings with a lobby or customer area directly inside. By excluding draughts, the TSA 325 cuts down on energy costs, as costly draught constructions are not required. 

Roller sliding door fitting
The roller sliding door fittings are based on rails and roller carriages primarily used in various interior settings, particularly in living areas (e.g. sliding doors, folding walls, concertina walls, shading systems etc.). The GEZE product range contains the classic products Perlan, Rollan, Levolan and Apoll. In addition, there are also the new stainless steel design fittings Aerolan and Geolan

RWA stands for smoke and heat extraction (in German). Smoke extraction is a key element when it comes to fire prevention in buildings. A fire creates a large amount of heat, smoke and hot fumes. Smoke extraction directs the smoke that is created during a fire out of the building. Smoke extraction can be differentiated from heat extraction. Where heat extraction is of interest in terms of the fire resistance duration of buildings, further measures should generally be implemented in addition to smoke extraction.
The aim of so-called RWA systems is to keep escape routes smoke-free. These systems come in various designs and a distinction is made between natural and “unnatural” smoke and heat extraction systems. GEZE’s solutions here include the RWA systems RWA 100 E, RWA 105 E, RWA 110 E and the special variants RWA EL TÖ, RWA-EM "OPEN" and RWA CO2 "OPEN". RWA systems are controlled by one of the GEZE power supply units – the E 260 N2/1 - N12/2 or E 260 N32/2 - N32/8.

Safety technology
GEZE products in the field of safety technology are important components of building safety, fire prevention and personal protection. The GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system, self-locking GEZE panic locks, SecuLogic Access and the SecuLogic building system, offer maximum safety in a diverse range of building types.

Semi-circular sliding door
The semi-circular sliding door features the same basic construction as normal sliding doors. All horizontal profiles and glazing are curved to a chosen radius, while all necessary components are housed in the curved drive system, e.g. drive belts, motor, etc.
The Slimdrive SC is the drive for semi-circular sliding doors, with the SCR designed for circular sliding doors. This can also be combined with a linear sliding door as a draught solution.
All sliding door drives in the GEZE Slimdrive series are type-tested and certified in accordance with DIN 18650. 

The SHEV is a naturally functioning smoke and heat extraction ventilation system. It is used to extract smoke and hot gases from a building in the event of fire.

In accordance with DIN EN 12101 Part 2 this product is made up of a

  • window with associated components (profile, seals, fittings)
  • the window elements themselves (e. g. glass, panels),
  • and the drive system with associated components (drive, console, fittings)

A SHEV in accordance with DIN EN 12101 Part 2 must, in Germany, be used when natural "smoke extraction" is required by the building authorities.

Single action door
A single action door, often referred to as a swing door is a door with a leaf "attached" on one side. This is where the hinges that hold the door are found. The opposite side (hinge side) contains the lock.

Single action doors are the most frequently used doors (e.g. in automatic swing doors, manual glass swing doors or door closers). Single action doors can only be opened in one direction. The opening direction is usually into the room. In special instances outwards opening single action doors may be prescribed.

  • Left fitted: As seen from the hinge side, the hinge is on the left-hand side of the door leaf
  • Right fitted: As seen from the hinge side, the hinge is on the right-hand side of the door leaf

Sliding door gear systems
Sliding door gear consists of fittings for manual movable doors and similar elements which typically move no faster than walking speed. These linear guides, which are also known as manual sliding door gear, are used in vertically installed doors made of wood, plastic, glass (including all-glass doors), aluminium or steel and corresponding combinations of materials. Provision is made for a floor guide across the bottom horizontal side of the door.
There are two categories of sliding door gears:
Roller-guided sliding door fittings are based on track and roller carriages and are used in a variety of deployment scenarios (e.g. sliding doors, folding wall, harmonica wall, shade systems, etc.). The GEZE product range includes the classic Perlan, Rollan and Apoll products. We also offer Aerolan and Geolan – new designs for sliding door fittings.
Ball-bearing sliding door gears are used if a low installation height, high load-carrying capacity and durable, smooth operation is required, especially in the building sector, industry or automotive engineering. The GEZE product portfolio includes Perkeo products featuring an axial loading direction and the Perkeo 75 with a radial loading direction.

Sliding door system
Sliding door systems are system solutions for sliding doors that operate automatically and move one or more horizontally moving doors on a level across an opening. An automatic drive in combination with corresponding sensors, such as radar movement detectors, light curtain or photoelectric barrier, delivers a high level of convenience. All automatic sliding door drives from GEZE are type-tested and certified in accordance with BGR 232 and DIN 18650.
GEZE’s automatic sliding door systems are divided into the TSA, Slimdrive, Powerdrive and ECdrive product series.

Slimline skylight openers
Fitting for activation of skylights using a scissor mechanism activated via a rod. The actuation force is implemented via various mechanical connections.>

Slimline skylight openers are skylight opening systems in a very flat form. The flat design of the scissor mechanism and rod implement require very little space above and to the side of the window leaf.

Smoke and fire doors
Closers equipped with an integrated smoke switch control unit are approved for smoke and fire doors. In the event of fire the smoke detector activates and the door closes automatically. The hold-open device is infinitely variable for overhead door closers with guide rail, single-leaf, double-leaf and for overhead door closers with link arm, single-leaf. In the GEZE product range, closers for smoke and fire-proof doors are indicated by the letter “R”. 

Social commitment
Social commitment is one of our company policies. We use our community and social commitment to help to promote social developments that will enrich the cultural scene and create new innovations. Our commitment manifests itself in a range of forms, for example, we regularly support Olgäle-Stiftung (Olgäle foundation) in Stuttgart. 

Sonderkonstruktionen (Special constructions)
GEZE Sonderkonstruktionen was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of GEZE GmbH. The company focuses on specific customer requirements and thus on individual, tailor made solutions with automatic corner sliding doors and revolving doors for entrances. 


Surface mounting
When surface mounting, the door closer is mounted to the door frame and the guide rail or link arm to the door leaf. 

Swing door
A swing door is an ordinary door with a leaf affixed on the long edge of the door frame. The axis of rotation is vertical and the leaf can be turned through 180° (e.g. in automatic swing doors or manual glass swing doors).In general language use, the term swing door is often used for revolving doors but these are a special application. 

Swing door drive/swing door system
Swing door drives are automatic drive systems that operate swing doors. They are the perfect solution wherever it is too cumbersome to operate a door by hand. In conjunction with the corresponding actuation devices they offer optimum convenience. GEZE offers two ranges of swing door drives: TSA, ECturn and Slimdrive.

Telescopic door
Telescopic doors are one of our automatic sliding door systems. They consist of movable doors that interleave or overlap and are primarily used in places where there is no space for linear sliding doors. GEZE offers Slimdrive drives for use with telescopic doors

Tender texts
Tender texts also know as specification texts contain a precisely defined description of the products. GEZE supports you in the creation of project and product specific tender texts by the provision of the appropriate text components that are available on our website for Download or on a CD-ROM. 

Trainee programme
The company's trainee programme typically involves taking on and training a high school graduate in various areas/departments, seminars and networking events. GEZE offers the opportunity to train in a mid-sized company on the business or technical side.

Top Job
“Top Job” is a nationwide, cross-industry employer benchmarking competition. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of good, mid-sized employers among a wider public, thereby supporting them in their search for qualified staff. Professor Heike Bruch from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland performs detailed analysis of HR management in the following categories: Management & Vision, Motivation & Dynamics, Culture & Communication, Employee Development & Prospects, Family & Social Orientation and Internal Enterprise. The 100 best mid-sized employers are given the “Top Job” quality seal.

Top 100
Top 100 compares mid-sized companies in terms of innovation management and companies that demonstrate their innovation in this nationwide, cross-industry competition are awarded the “Top 100” quality seal. An “Innovator of the Year” award is also presented. Under the guidance of Lothar Späth, the innovation strength of companies is independently assessed, thereby aiding successful market positioning.

T-Stop is a term for door closers with integrated opening restrictor for the GEZE TS 3000 V, TS 5000 and TS 5000 L overhead door closers. With the help of the T-Stop guide rail, entrances and passages can be designed without distracting door stoppers (buffers). The risk of tripping is also reduced. Retrofitting is straightforward: simply replace the guide rail and lever.

Toughened safety glass
Due to a special manufacturing process, this glass offers increased resistance to temperature changes and mechanical loads. In the event of breakage, it fragments into tiny pieces, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
Toughened safety glass is the standard for GEZE’s integrated all-glass system (IGG)

Ventilation technology
Within the framework of ventilation technology GEZE offers solutions for various types of applications for opening and closing windows. 

The wide range of products available for ventilation technology covers a large selection of drive system for daily ventilation needs, for example, manual skylight opening systems and electrical ventilation drive systems.

Window technology
Window systems form part of building technology, encompassing both window technology (profile/glass construction, etc.) as well as the opening and closure of windows of all types. In the latter case, there is a choice of manual and automatic opening and closure systems (e.g. automatic control of fanlights, use in conjunction with RWA systems).