Glossary J-O

Laminated safety glass
Laminated safety glass consists of two or more panes of glass which are bound together by a layer of plastic, usually a film. Panes are made to suit different requirements and can be bullet-proof if required. -->Toughened safety glass is also used in the process. In the event of breakage, the fragments remain adhered to the film, thereby significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Latching action
A latching action means that the damping action is overridden just before the door closes so that it latches securely. 

Lever lock
The electro-mechanical IQ Lock EM lever lock is ideal for combination with access control systems.

The outside handle of lever locks initially remains idle, thus it is uncoupled from the lock mechanism while the panic function still works in the direction of escape. An electrical signal can be emitted by an access control system to couple the outside handle for a specific period of time or permanently, thus allowing the door to be opened against the direction of escape.

Light curtain
Light curtains are designed to protect people in danger zones. In a similar way to photoelectric barriers, an object or person in the danger zone is registered and a defined response is triggered (e.g. door opens). In contrast to -->photoelectric barriers consisting of a light beam, a light curtain is a bundle of rays which can be used to protect entire danger zones.
At GEZE, light curtains are used in the automatic product range, primarily as actuation devices for sliding doors.

Linear sliding door
Linear sliding doors are one of our automatic sliding door systems. Unlike corner or circular sliding doors, the doors are moved in a linear direction, i.e. in a line. GEZE offers linear sliding doors in the following product series: Slimdrive, TSA, ECdrive

Locks to secure doors are no longer regarded as a separate issue – they are an integral door element. Locks fulfil various tasks in terms of building management, the burglar alarm system and the danger alarm system. Panic locks allow doors to be unlocked from the inside in the event of fire. Motor locks, which enable the door and lever locks to quickly lock and unlock automatically, feature an electrically coupled outside handle. 

Manual sliding wall systems MSW
The GEZE MSW is particularly suitable for innovative all glass solutions in demanding constructions. A flexible building block system and the integration of leaf elements with varying functions offers a wide range of design freedom for the implementation of individual sliding walls, for example, shop fronts.

Mechanical hold-open
A mechanical hold-open device enables an infinitely variable hold-open angle. The hold-open mechanism can only be released if a mechanical force overpowers the spring force of the hold-open unit. This mechanism is not approved for smoke and fire doors. 

Motor locks
Motor locks enable quick automatic locking and unlocking of a door.The electro-mechanical motor lock IQ Lock EL is particularly suited to combination with swing door drives

Movement detectors
Movement detectors are some of the actuation devices that are used to control all GEZE products in the Automatic Door System range of products. A movement detector records the movement of people and of objects in a defined, adjustable area in front of an automatic door and is used to trigger the opening of the door. Insofar as the motion detector is activated, the door remains in the "open" position.

Natural smoke and heat extraction system (SHEV /NRWG)
In natural smoke and heat extraction systems, smoke is extracted using the thermal effect of the smoke. Smoke rises and can be directed out of a room or building using fanlights, for example. There is also “unnatural” smoke and heat extraction which utilises a mechanical method such as ventilators. 

Opposite hinge side
The side opposite the hinge side is referred to as the opposite hinge side. On this side of the window/door, the hinge elements are not visible (e.g. TS 5000).

Overhead door closer with link arm
GEZE offers link arm overhead door closers in various single-leaf versions. From the smallest overhead door closer with link arm to different versions suitable or not suitable for smoke and fire doors, there is a diverse range of options.

Overhead door closer with guide rail
Door technology from GEZE includes closing systems for any door, featuring many individual adjustment options. Door closers with guide rail are available in single- and double-leaf versions (--> ISM guide rail).