Glossary A-D

Access control
Modern access systems are very powerful and adaptable: They guide visitors and staff according to spatial and time-controlled access authorisations which can be set quickly and individually for each individual door. GEZE has developed a new generation of GEZE SecuLogic access control systems based on RFID technology. These offer the entire range of services, from the autonomous simple securing of a door through to a highly-integrated security concept for large companies.

Access control system
GEZE Seculogic Access is a system for controlling access to buildings with high security requirements. This access control technology uses a biometric
fingerprint system to identify people. 

Active leaf
A multiple leaf door system is usually made up of an active and a fixed leaf. The active leaf must be opened first, and then the fixed leaf (secured by the integrated closing sequence mechanism e.g. in the TS 5000 ISM). The active leaf is also the leaf that is closed last and on which the lock is fitted. 

Actuation devices
Actuation elements form part of all GEZE door systems. They control and lock all GEZE products in the automatic door systems range. Examples of these control elements include infrared sensors, radar movement detectors, light curtains or display programme switches. GEZE offers actuation devices for any type of building and structural feature. 


All-glass system
GEZE all-glass systems are used for various applications such as on automatic door systems with horizontally moving door leaves.
The simple and functional form of the stainless steel all glass fitting enables a wide range of individual uses. It is particularly suitable for sliding doors made of glass and can also be used in conjunction with other materials, for example, wood, metal or plastic. 

Architects hotlineThe GEZE hotline for architects is available every day from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CET). Our property consultants can provide detailed information and advice on our products and their use.

Hotline: +49 (0)1802 4393 2255 (€0.06/min. from a German landline, cost of calls from other providers may vary).

Architects seminar
GEZE gives planners the opportunity to find out about GEZE products and possible applications at special seminars organized by our subsidiary GEZE Service GmbH. Upcoming seminar dates can be found here.

Back check
Door closers with back check are deployed on swing doors particularly if these doors are exposed to wind when opening outwards or are opened vigorously. The back check function puts a brake on the door as it opens and helps protect people, door elements, plus nearby walls and objects, without restricting the door opening angle.

Barrier free building
Barrier free building involves ensuring that the entrance to indoor areas is free of obstacles and steps. For people with physical limitations, impaired senses, those recovering from accidents, the elderly or parents with prams, a lack of barriers and obstacles is essential to enable equal participation in society. Here elements such as controls, light switches, door handles, etc. are arranged so that they can be reached with little or no difficulty. To make situations easier for these groups, GEZE’s disabled friendly products include the GEZE Slimdrive. This drive opens sliding doors automatically following actuation by a movement detector or a switch, thereby facilitating convenient, barrier free entry to hospitals, retirement homes or kindergartens, for example. 

Bearing sliding fittings
Bearing sliding fittings are used whenever a low installation height and a high payload with constant light running are required in construction, industry or vehicle construction. GEZE offers the products Perkeo with an axial main load direction and Perkeo 75 with a radial main load direction (for single and double leaf sliding door systems).

Biometrics is used as a recognition procedure to identify people and is the basis for many security concepts. The optical biometric reader, the GEZE Fingerprint of the GEZE SecuLogic access control system recognises authorised people using their finger prints.

Building system
The GEZE building system offers management and control systems that meet the high demands of buildings requiring particular protection. It offers the opportunity to centrally monitor and control all products from any product area. Here data is exchanged between individual products. The building system can be integrated into an overall building management system via a defined interface (via OPC). 

Careers at GEZE
There are a wide number of ways to join GEZE. School leavers are offered the opportunity to completed a professional training scheme. A-level grade students are able to combine studies at the Berufsakademie (professional college) with and internal company training scheme. For university leavers and young professionals, GEZE has developed a trainee programme to train future management staff for the company. And then there is the direct entry option available to all professionals with more than three years professional experience. 

The "TOP JOB" study shows that GEZE is one of the best employers among German medium-sized companies

Chain drive
Chain drives are pulling mechanisms. They transfer torque in a fixed or variable transmission ratio via a chain. As a rule, they work with positive locking gear wheels, although there are also non-positive configurations. An arrangement comprising a pair of drive wheels with a circular chain is called a chain drive. Chain drives with variable transmission are used on bicycle wheels with derailleur.
GEZE chain drives are slimline electric drives for direct opening of bottom hung, top hung, horizontally pivot hung, side hung and vertically pivoted windows. In general, chain drives are intended for vertically installed rectangular windows in dry rooms. The GEZE E740 and E860 und E820 chain drives are also suitable for angled windows (skylights) and light domes. On the E 580, the drive is fully integrated into the window profile.

Circular sliding door
The circular sliding door features the same basic construction as normal sliding doors. All horizontal profiles and glazing are curved to a chosen radius, while all necessary components are housed in the curved drive system. The Slimdrive SCR is the 360° solution and the drive for semi-circular and circular sliding doors. It can also be combined with a linear sliding door as a draught solution. All sliding door drives in the GEZE Slimdrive series are type-tested and certified in accordance with DIN 18650. 

Closing force
The force that a door closer exerts on the door leaf and with which the door can be closed. The closing force is selected in accordance with the width of the door leaf. It must overcome resistances such as friction or seals. 

Closing sequence control
An integrated closing sequence regulation is used with double leaf doors to ensure the correct closing sequence of both leaves, thus the moveable leaf is held open (waits) until the fixed leaf has closed (e.g. TS 5000 ISM). 

A closing sequence regulation is prescribed by the building authorities for double leaf fire and smoke doors (see DIN EN 1158, e.g. TS 5000 ISM).

Construction trade fairs
Trade shows for the construction industry are specialist fairs aimed at various target groups ranging from architects, civil engineers and tradesmen to investment decision-makers and building managers.
The most important show of this kind in Germany is Munich’s BAU trade fair. GEZE also has a presence at international trade shows.

Corner sliding door
The corner sliding door is a modification of sliding doors and is used for corner entrances in particular. A corner sliding door can be implemented at any angle > 90° to 180°, angled either from inside or outside as seen from the building. Equipped with radar control and integrated light curtain, the doors meet all legal requirements and standards such as BGR 232 and DIN 18650. Corner sliding doors can also be supplied as TÜV type-tested systems for use in emergency exit systems. 

Cranked turn and tilt hardware system
Hardware used to actuate a turn and tilt window using a crank which conveys the power via a gear system to an internal rod that allows the leaf to be steplessly positioned in the tilt position. As the leading manufacturer of the cranked turn and tilt hardware system, GEZE has been producing and continually further developing the F1200 for large surface windows for decades. The crank actuation of this system ensures operating convenience for heavy and large windows.

Delayed closing action
To delay the closing action of a door, the required energy is stored in a spring and the closing speed hydraulically dampened. As a rule, the closing speed is infinitely variable. 

Direct openers
Direct openers are, for example, electric spindle or chain drives that open bottom or top hung windows, and swing casements as well as skylights and light domes. With this type of assembly on the main or subsidiary closing edge, the drive hub is implemented directly in the opening space.

Door closer
As you would expect from the name, a door closer closes a door safely and securely. The key tasks involved are moving the door leaf into the door frame and dropping the catch into the locking plate. Here GEZE distinguishes between -->overhead door closers with guide rail, -->overhead door closers with link arm, -->integrated door closers, -->floor springs and -->sliding door systems.

Door leaf mounting
When door leaf mounting (the standard mounting variation) the door closer is mounted to the door leaf and the guide rail or link arm to the door frame. 

Double action door
Automatically closing door that can be opened from both sides (swings through). In the majority of instances, double action doors are usually fitted with floor spring door closers (e.g. TS 550 NV, Pendulo C).