GEZE at the ARCHITECT@WORK design and architecture event, Luxembourg 25 - 26 April 2018, Luxexpo The Box, Stand 23

“ARCHITECT MEETS INNOVATIONS MADE BY GEZE”: this is the headline under which GEZE will present new, innovative solutions for doors, including another variant of the GEZE ActiveStop door damper and a wireless extension to GEZE hold-open systems.

GEZE ActiveStop – new door control

Entering a room is now easier and more comfortable than ever before, as GEZE ActiveStop turns brand new door convenience into an experience in itself. New options include a second variant fitted on the door frame, and optimum retro-fit solutions for existing doors. Integrated into the door leaf, the door damper is virtually invisible.

The door damper ensures controlled, dampened opening and closing of swing doors: they are stopped gently, closed quietly, or held open with ease. With just a gentle – or more vigorous – push, GEZE ActiveStop opens doors independently and safely to stop in an individually adjustable hold-open position. At the same time, the door damper halts the door at the right time, and safely holds it open in the required position.

Photos and publisher’s mark: GEZE GmbH

Active damping closes the door slowly and gently from approx. 25 degrees. This stops doors from slamming shut, and also prevents ugly marks on the leaf material and walls. Doors 'run freely' at between 25 and 60 degrees, and the door damping reliably catches them from 25 or from 60 degrees.

Simple to remove

The new variant fitted on the door frame is glued to glass or wooden doors, and is easy to remove again, making this version of GEZE ActiveStop the ideal solution, particularly in rental properties. It can be adapted to any door situation.

Innovative multi-award-winning design

GEZE ActiveStop meets the most stringent of aesthetic demands and has won multiple awards. Most recently, the new variant fitted on the door frame was recognised as “Best of Best” at the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior 2018.

Photo: GEZE GmbH

Enhancing hold-open systems: convenient wireless operation

To offer even greater security and convenience, GEZE has made its range of hold-open systems even more appealing with a special extension solution. Traditional wired connections can now be replaced with wireless solutions. The wireless components of the new FA GC 170 GEZE wireless extension kit are easy to connect to existing systems via a wireless module. FA GC 170 is an intelligent retro-fit solution that enables GEZE hold-open systems, ceiling-mounted smoke detectors and manual trigger switches to connect wirelessly to the wireless module on the lintel-mounted detector.

No structural changes

The FA GC 170 wireless extension kit does not require additional cables to be hooked up to ceiling-mounted detectors and manual trigger switches. This is a real advantage where structural modifications are undesirable or impossible, e.g. in listed buildings. Flexible system configuration allows up to six wireless devices to be connected, so it can be fitted even to ceilings with specific structural restrictions.

Photo: GEZE GmbH