Client learning event – The Smart Advantage

GEZE SA is holding events at key Architectural practices to showcase how GEZE is giving Architects an advantage.

At the event, GEZE’s Leaders share how GEZE SA has taken steps to raise the game, covering topics such as:

Learning to grow Case-studies Southern Africa
Modern advantage GEZE EZE BIM technology
Smart innovation Transformative solutions

Giving Architects the advantage

We know that Architects typically see doors, windows, facades, security and fire-safety as one of the most complex construction components, and we also hear from our clients that specifying the wrong hardware can result in costly mistakes, delays and snags in the building project.

At this learning event, GEZE Experts share local case studies to demonstrate how challenges can be transformed in to solutions together. Whether working across Sub Saharan Africa or in South Africa.

The learning event includes a demonstration of the latest forever-free door specifying software, plus exciting new innovations from GEZE’s global innovation centre in Leonberg, Germany.

Should you want to know more about how this learning event can benefit your practice, please contact