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Architects in South Africa are rapidly adopting GEZE’s market-first way of working

‘GEZE is first in this space, I’d like to trial this process on a number of projects that I’ll be working on’ Warren Wesson: Architect Associate and Head of Building Innovation. Paragon Architects, Johannesburg
In South Africa, GEZE knows that Architects typically see doors, windows, facades, security and fire-safety as one of the most complex construction components, which is why GEZE SA has created free-to-use GEZE EZE BIM add-in & play software that works the way you do, complemented by Specialists who do the work for you to produce a faster better-quality outcome.

‘GEZE EZE BIM helps us to reach a resolved solution faster and we have a better view of the expected outcome. We’re able to leverage the expertise of our GEZE Architectural Ironmongery Specialist, to help give our work a distinctive edge’.  Neels Fourie, Director LP Architects & Redevelopment Specialists

How GEZE EZE BIM works
It’s simple, quick and easy! GEZE EZE BIM gives Architects more time to spend on design, in decision-making and managing property-owner expectations more precisely.

Architects can start by quickly downloading free-to-use GEZE EZE BIM’s add-in & play software which is Autodesk Revit compatible, and experience these features:



  1. Near real-time online communication between the Architect and GEZE Architectural Specialist.
  2. Visible progress, specified doors show as green, unspecified doors show as red.
  3. Fast image rich specifications and improved accuracy, updates are automatic.


View ‘How To’ video here:

Changing the game to put Professionals ahead

‘Our clients in our mobile first markets such as South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa already know the benefits that modern technology can deliver, and over the last year we’ve seen rapid trial and adoption of new GEZE EZE BIM – it’s working!’ says Kevin Diamond MD GEZE SA.

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